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Actual Situation and Booking Terms 2021

Last updated: 15:37 CET, 07 April 2021

Booking Terms 2021

At MONT Trekking, we recognize the current uncertainty of the travel conditions in 2021, and we are applying eased booking and cancellation terms for the 2021 trips. Until 25 days before the trip, your deposit is (1) fully refundable and (2) transferrable to a new date in the future if you choose to reschedule your trip. In the 2020, we applied these terms to the 2020 trips confirmed both before Covid-19 (retroactively) and during Covid-19.

These booking terms apply regardless of whether the travel restrictions remain in force in Italy or in your country or in both countries.

We will contact you 25-30 days before your trip to know whether your travel plans remain unchanged. If you booked a trip and you already know that you cannot travel, please contact us – you can choose between a full refund and rescheduling to a new date.

Development of the Situation in Italy in 2020

Italy introduced quarantine at the beginning of March 2020 and started to ease it on May 11 following the continuing normalization of the situation both in the country and in Europe overall. Inside the country, the situation was brought back to normal in most aspects of life by June. Travel restrictions inside the country were lifted on June 3. In the first week of August, the number of infected persons nationwide decreased to the 2020 minimum of 12.500. Later in August 2020, the number of infected persons started to grow following the general trend being registered in Europe.

Actual Situation in Italy

In the second half of October 2020, a steep increase in the number of infected persons was registered in Italy and other European countries. On November 03, 2020, a governmental decree partly reintroduced restrictive measures in several regions of the country. The decree identified 3 levels of risk and thus 3 levels of restrictive measures, and it categorized the regions and provinces accordingly. Several successive decrees approved during the winter 2020/2021 reintroduced restrictions in all regions of Italy depending on the epidemiological situation in each region. The actual status of the regions and provinces is reported by the Ministry of Health at Covid-19 Situazione in Italia (the most recent information with details per region and province is available in Italian only). The regions are categorized as “red” (most restrictive measures), “orange”, and “yellow” (least restrictive measures).

In English, the Ministry of Health releases the updates and statistics at Covid-19 in Italy: Updates and Statistics.

The restrictive and containing measures currently in force in Italy are summarized on the following dedicated page of the Ministry of Health in English: Italy: Restrictive Measures.


The Italian borders are currently open to travelers arriving from the EU countries, Schengen area countries, the UK and Israel. The conditions for travelers from these countries are described in detail at Entry Conditions for travelers from Countries in List C. In brief, the conditions are the following:

  • Travel from these countries is permitted without a need for any certification of motivation for travel
  • It is mandatory to undergo a swab (molecular or antigenic) carried out within 48 hours prior to entry into Italy (the result must be negative)
  • It is mandatory to undergo health surveillance and fiduciary isolation for a period of five days, regardless of the result of the molecular or antigenic test referred to above
  • It is mandatory to undergo a further molecular or antigenic test at the end of the five-day isolation period

The current travel conditions will remain in force unchanged until April 30.

Detailed information for travelers from all countries is available in English at Italy: Information for Travelers.

Lodging Establishments

In 2020, hotels and huts opened in June as planned or with a minor delay versus their normal opening dates. A small number of privately owned huts remained closed during the entire summer 2020. We contacted our guests with reservations at those huts and offered alternative solutions. New regulations have been established for mountain huts as a result of Covid-19. Please visit Covid-19: What Changed at Mountain Huts in 2020 for details.

As of April 07, 2021, all huts along our itineraries are scheduled to open for the summer 2021. The opening terms and dates may be affected by possible new regulation and other factors. We will keep our guests informed of the changes if any.