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Frequently asked questions

How do I reach the base location of my hike?

You will receive the detailed information on how to reach the base location by public transport when you book a trip. In many alpine regions, the summer timetables are updated in the middle of June. Thus, we send the instructions once the timetables are available. Earlier, when the timetables are not available, we can give you indicative times based on the timetables of the previous year, as they do not change significantly. If you are buying plane tickets for you trip, it is better to contact us in advance: we can offer advice on the suitable arrival times to make sure you reach your base hotel on the same day.

Where do we meet the guide?

It depends on the type of trip or program. As our guided trips are normally custom, we will propose you the meeting time based on the logistics. As a rule, for multi-day trips, you will meet your guide at the base hotel in the evening upon arrival. Same for the village-based programs. In case of a day hike, you will meet your guide at your hotel reception area in the morning at the agreed time.

Will my mobile phone work during the hike?

In the highland, the mobile communication is available only on certain parts of the route and in some mountain huts. There is a stable mobile connection in the valleys. Same rules apply to the mobile internet connectivity. While hiking in the mountains, you cannot count on an uninterrupted mobile communication. All huts have an emergency communication line.

What amenities are there in the mountain huts?

Mountain huts offer similar services to that of a simple hotel. The huts have permanent personnel. There are large shared bedrooms as well private rooms for 2, 3 or 4 guests, but not all huts have private rooms. Bedrooms are equipped with mattresses, pillows and blankets. A hygienic sleeping bag liner is required for a stay in shared bedrooms, while you can count on bed linen in private rooms – we provide you with such details in advance. Most of the huts have a heating system, but it is used moderately, because it is autonomous. There is hot and cold water in the huts. With a rare exception, almost all huts have hot shower. In general, mountain huts serve a simple breakfast and a hearty dinner. Please visit this page for more further details on the mountain huts: Mountain huts in the Alps.

Can I leave my bag in the hotel while hiking?

Yes, you can leave your luggage in the base hotel. We have appropriate agreements for this with our base hotels. In some base locations, you can also park your car while hiking.

Do you have hut-to-hut itineraries for April and May?

April and May in the Alps are off-season. Hiking in the highland is not possible, because there is still snow on the trails. In this period, only light walks are possible in the valleys. Moreover, in April and May mountain huts are closed. They open in the middle of June. If the spring is warm and the snow melts fast, some huts start working earlier. In this case, some itineraries are available for hiking in the second week of June, but it is not possible to know in advance. The earliest itinerary in our collection is Fassa Dolomites.