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About MONT Trekking

MONT Trekking is a specialized adventure travel operator and a leading organizer of hiking tours in the Alps. Founded by industry professionals with over 20 years of experience, MONT Trekking organizes over 700 unforgettable hiking trips annually for individuals, private groups and business customers.

What we offer

Our offer is original. We organize such hiking trips that leave truly unforgettable impressions. To succeed in this, just having great itineraries is not enough. We work carefully every detail of our trips, anticipate questions and difficulties of our customers and have right solutions beforehand. By maintaining this standard, MONT Trekking earned a reputation as a reliable and customer-oriented organizer of hiking vacations.

MONT Trekking earned a reputation as a punctual and customer-friendly organizer of hiking vacations.

Variety of trip styles

We offer a large variety of inn-to-inn style hiking trips. These are multi-day hikes with overnight stays in mountain inns that feature comfortable amenities, including shower, and offer meals. For people who prefer to hike inn-to-inn itineraries in solitude we organize self-guided inn-to-inn hikes. To private groups and business customers we offer individually planned tailor-made inn-to-inn trips with itineraries based on specific preferences of each group or customer. These trips include the best possible services such as transportation of gear and private rooms in the inns.

Our hikes collection has a trip for almost anyone who likes hiking in the mountains.

For families and people who prefer hotel accommodation we run village-based hiking programs with our local alpine guides. To the tourists staying in alpine resorts and willing to just hike once or a couple of times we offer a possibility of custom day hikes with our guides.

Spectacular destinations

The geographic distribution of our trips is wide – we cover not just the most popular alpine ranges but wild less known areas too. The most famous hiking destinations in the Alps include the Dolomites and Mont Blanc. Besides that, our itineraries run through beautiful wild landscapes of several off-the-beaten-track mountain groups, such as Ortler. Such mountains offer great hiking experience to people who appreciate hiking in wilderness and with solitude. Our destinations also include the northern Garda lake ridges, Rhaetian Alps, Pennine Alps, Gran Paradiso, Tyrol in Austria and Bernese Alps in Switzerland.

Company history

MONT Trekking was founded by adventure travel industry professionals Cecilia Iachelini and Alex Baraev. Cecilia previously worked as a manager for a tour operator in the Dolomites and ran a mountain inn in Stelvio together with her family since the 1970s. Alex, before founding MONT Trekking, started and grew several adventure travel related businesses. Since 2016 the MONT Trekking partnership includes Peter Tosunidis, a professional manager who started his career in the adventure travel industry in 1993 and served as CEO to several specialized tour operators.

MONT Trekking today

Today MONT Trekking is one of the leading organizers of hiking tours in the Alps.

MONT Trekking today:

  • Hiking trips and programs in 6 alpine regions: Dolomites, Mont Blanc – Matterhorn – Gran Paradiso, Rhaetian Alps, Garda lake, Tyrol and Bernese Alps.

  • Well-established reputation: more than 40% of our customers return to us after a year to book a new hiking trip.

  • Professional team of more than 30 experts and guides based in the regions where we operate our trips.

  • More than 700 hiking trips annually and guests from all parts of the world.

Our vision

Our goal is to promote the concept of hiking holidays that let people see the beauty of the wild nature. To reach more people with our message, we add new hiking itineraries and new alpine regions every year.