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Hiking Gear

Hiking in the Alps requires proper gear and clothing. We are considering the gear for hiking in the summer months from June to September and the altitudes 2000 – 3600 m without crossing of glaciers and with lodging in serviced mountain inns.


Waterproof and windproof jacket is a mandatory component of the equipment for anyone who goes hiking in the mountains.

Trekking pants do not need to be specialized. There numerous options from loose fit pants made of natural fabrics to narrow stretch pant of synthetic materials. Jeans and thick cotton pants are not suitable for mountains as they restrict movements and take long time to dry.

Fleece jacket will be useful every evening. A warm sweater can be an alternative. Full zip designs are more practical.

Thermal underwear. We recommend taking thermal underwear with you as the weather in the mountains can be unpredictable. It will often be useful in chilly mornings and evenings.

Gloves, cap and bandana. You may need gloves and a cap especially if you go hiking in June or September. We advise to take a kerchief or bandana in any period of the season.

Rain protection. Take with you a rain jacket and pants or a cloak or poncho. We think the most practical solution is a combination of rain pants and a loose fit poncho that you can wear of your backpack.

Hiking boots

Good hiking boots are absolutely necessary. They can be high or low depending on the itinerary – we specify this for every trip. In general, high hiking boots are more practical as you can use them on a wider range of terrains. If you buy new hiking boots, it is very important to wear them for a while before the trip.

Other gear

Backpack. Depending on the type of the trip and its length you will need a 30 to 50 liter backpack.

Trekking poles. We recommend using trekking poles. By using poles you redistribute some of the load off your feet to your hands while walking. In addition, trekking poles give you better stability on the trail.

Sleeping bag liner. Use of a sleeping bag liner is obligatory in mountain huts.

Other items that you need during a hiking trip are the following:

  • first aid kit including medical plasters
  • bottle for water, we recommend 2 one-liter bottles
  • cell phone and a charger
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses

We also recommend to always have light snack on the route. It may include chocolate, dried fruit, nuts, etc.

Thermos is very useful – you can fill it with hot tea or water in mountain huts where you stop for the night.