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Mountain Huts in the Alps

There is a developed network of mountain huts in the Alps that allows us to organize multi-day hiking trips with a fairly good level of comfort. A typical alpine hut is a stone building of two or three floors. Huts are serviced and offer lodging, catering and sanitary services.

Services in mountain huts

Catering. Huts have a simple restaurant or dining room where the personnel serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Lodging. Typically, mountain huts have several shared bedrooms, normally for 8-10 persons. Bedrooms are equipped with bunk beds. Many huts additionally have private bedrooms for 2-4 persons, which must be booked in well advance. Mattresses, blankets and pillows are supplied. Use of a sleeping bag liner is obligatory.

Bathroom and shower. All huts have toilets and bathrooms with sinks. Most huts have showers with hot water. Typically bathroom is shared and located on the floor. Use of a shower with hot water is normally not included in the lodging price and costs 3-5 euro. In some regions showers may not be available in dry periods due to a deficit of water.

Heating. Mountain huts normally have an autonomous heating system to maintain comfortable temperature in the bedrooms.

Catering in mountain huts

Breakfast and dinner. Standard half board service in mountain huts includes a breakfast and a dinner. Breakfast time varies from hut to hut and is normally in an interval from 6:00 to 09:00. Dinner is served at 19:00 in most huts. It is recommended to be on time for the dinner as it is served to all guests at the same time.

Breakfast in huts is simple. It normally includes butter, bread, pastries, jams, honey, cheese and sausages, juice, yogurt. Tea and coffee for breakfast is included in the price.

Dinner in huts includes first and main courses and a dessert. Drinks at dinner are not included in the half board price.

Lunch. Mountain huts are open at lunchtime. The menu normally includes pastas and simple main courses with a price range 7 to 12 euro. It is also possible to buy packed lunch in the morning when you leave the hut. It includes sandwiches, chocolate, cookies, drinks and others.

Electric appliances

There are electric sockets in the mountain huts. They can be used to charge mobile phones and cameras. Use of power-intensive appliances is not permitted in the huts as the power is strictly limited: huts generate the electric energy autonomously in relatively small volumes.

First aid

Mountain huts always have a first aid kit, and their personnel is trained to provide first aid.

What you need to bring in a hut

You will have to leave you hiking boots at the entrance to the hut and use clean shoes – not all huts provide them, thus you have to bring your own. In addition, a change of clothes will be useful in huts. You will also need to take with you a towel and necessary sanitary products, such as soap and shampoo.

Mobile communication

Not all mountain huts are covered by mobile networks. A local SIM card has a lower value than a roaming SIM card which can connect to any available mobile network thus providing you a much better coverage.

Cash only

Take enough cash with you to pay for drinks and extra services in the nuts and for lunches on the route. Mountain huts do not accept credit cards, and ATM machines are only available in large villages in the valley.