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Covid-19: What Changed in Mountain Huts in 2020

Last updated: 13:35 CET, 09 November 2020

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19, the Italian state and the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) established a new regulation for mountain huts for the summer 2020.

The regulation entered in force in June and was reviewed at the end of July but remained unchanged.

  • Requirement of an advance reservation for staying overnight. Guests without an advance reservation will be accepted in emergency situations only.
  • For guests, it is mandatory to have face a mask and hand sanitizers. Guests must wear a face mask when in common areas.
  • Guests must respect the social distancing rules both indoors and outdoors, e.g. on the restaurant terrace. The indoor areas for common use must be marked to ensure a minimal social distancing of 1 meter. One of the consequences of the social distancing requirement is that dinner may be served in shifts due to the reduced capacity of the restaurant.
  • Guests are responsible for arriving in good health. It is compulsory to communicate to the hut personnel any alarming symptom during the stay in the hut.
  • The group leader must communicate his or her contact phone number to the hut personnel upon check in.
  • Personal gear must be kept in an area indicated by the hut personnel.
  • Use of shared bathrooms and showers can be regulated with shifts, i.e. the hut personnel may allocate a timeslot for each guest or group.
  • Family members and groups with a single reservation are considered a unique unite and can sleep in a single room and eat at a common table without restrictions.
  • Dormitory can be occupied at a maximum of 1/3 of its capacity if it is shared by guests not being part of a single family or unit.
  • Hut manager is responsible for blankets being washed after each guest. It is impossible to meet this requirement in most huts. As a result, most huts will not provide blankets.
  • Given the above, use of a pillowcase and a sleeping bag is compulsory in shared and private rooms unless clean blankets and bed linen are provided (it will be communicated by the hut personnel).
  • It is compulsory to have clean personal footwear in huts, for example light slides. Most huts will not provide footwear as it is impossible for them to sanitize it after each use.

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