Corvo Lakes - Day Hike

Being a part of Stelvio National Park, the Ortler-Cevedale massif represents typical alpine landscapes characterized by huge stony areas with minimum vegetation and streams running from the glaciers. We will see these impetuous streams originated from numerous beautiful lakes in the kettles.

The cascade of Corvo lakes is among the most beautiful lake areas in Stelvio. These lakes are famous for a variety of colors and breathtaking panoramas. Their color depends on the weather conditions and can range from very dark blue to emerald green. The lakes are located at altitudes from 2450 m to 2630 m, and all lakes are easily accessible.

The hike starts in the Rabbi valley. While ascending to the lakes we will see a traditional alpine farm Malga Caldesa situated on a vast green clearing. This area is rather wild, and if we are lucky, we will see flocks of chamois and roe deers. We will stop for rest at the mountain inn Rifugio Stella Alpina very close to the lakes. The inn’s terrace features a magnificent view on the peaks of Dolomiti di Brenta range.

In the highland, we will make a circle and pass by six lakes of Corvo. Each of the lakes has something unique what differs it from the others. As an option, we can also ascent to the mount Cima Collechio (2957 m) by following an easy but the rocky trail and make nice pictures of all Corvo lakes.

This hike is not lengthy but with a significant elevation gain. You need to be in a good physical shape to do this hike.

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Trip Overview

Style Day hike

Difficulty Level 3

Tour Duration 7 hours

Ascent / Descent 980 / 980 m

Hiking Distance 11 km

Altitude 1480 - 2460 m

Start / Finish Val di Sole

Guided Hiking

Guided Day Hike
€ 380
Jun 20 - Sep 20


This is a private tour on the dates of your choice.

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